Starting from 380 CZK per day including delivery throughout Prague
Only fresh and natural products. No additives or artificial flavors.
Our team is fully at your service from Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
We prepare menus that are diverse, balanced and always offering something new.
And use it to do something more pleasant than spending 17 hours a week in the kitchen
Having lunches and dinners in restaurants is much more expensive than ordering from us
We deliver food for free from Prague 1 to Prague 12.
Wholegrain Crepes with quark and fruit
667 GRAMS / 1771 KJ
Snack 1
Frittata with cheese
180 GRAMS / 1415 KJ
Mexican beans with chicken, tortilla
290 GRAMS / 8351 KJ
Beef with tomato sauce, baked potatoes and vegetables
530 GRAMS / 1932 KJ
Snack 2
Quinoa salad with prawns and lemon dressing
290 GRAMS / 1942 KJ
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We deliver every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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Weight-loss program
Eating unhealthy food, fast-food, overeating sweets, and the absence of a regimented diet – all of this
can lead to obesity. Consume less calories than you burn
Weight-maintenance program
Are you in good shape and trying to eat right, but can't find the time for it all? Maintain your energy
balance and follow your diet and eating regimen with Clever Food's weight-maintenance program.
Weight-gain program
A proper diet is just as important as physical exercise when you want to gain muscle mass. Consume
more calories than you burn while taking in a minimum amount of fats and quick sugars and the
maximum amount of protein.
* Tento výpočet je předběžný, podrobné náklady specifikujte od manažerů společnosti
* This calculation is subject to change – detailed costs will be specified by Clever Food's managers. I agree to the processing my personal data
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Delivery and payment
How to heat up and eat the food
1.Who creates your menus?
Our menus are created by a nutritional advisor and a chef
2.How often do you serve the same meals?
We try to repeat the same meal as little as possible throughout the year, or we create different variations of meals that have been the most popular.
3.How is the food prepared?
We use convection ovens (which cook with steam) or pans with a minimum amount of olive oil. We do
not use spices or broths that contain MSG, and we minimize added salt and fats.

Meals are shock-cooled from (from 90°C to 2°C in less than an hour) and hermetically sealed in plastic packaging. We handle all recipes and technical details ourselves.
4.Are your meals fresh? How long in advance do you cook them?
Food preparation takes place 1 day in advance (i.e. on Sunday for Monday and Tuesday, on Tuesday for Wednesday and Thursday, etc.).
5.What ingredients do you use?
We use fresh ingredients in the vast majority of our meals. We use frozen foods only exceptionally (e.g. salt-water fish that are not available fresh in the Czech Republic).
6.Do I have to count calories, proteins, fats and carbs and watch my diet with Clever Food?
We'll take care of all your worries with counting calories, proteins, fats and carbs. Our menus contain calculations and all necessary information on the content of calories, proteins, fats and carbs.
7.I don't eat certain foods – are you able to modify my menu to fit my requirements?
Yes, modifications are possible for a 15 CZK charge (including VAT) per exception – in some cases, however, this can be a detriment to the diversity of the menu.
8.Nejím některé potraviny, dokážete mi upravit jídelníček dle mých požadavků?
Ano, úpravy jsou možné za poplatek 15,-Kč / 1 výjimka, bez laktózy 30,-Kč/den v některých případech to ale může být na úkor pestrosti jídelníčku.
We deliver food from Monday to Saturday. Food is always delivered in the morning 2 days in advance for the given day. If the day of delivery is Monday, food for both Monday and Tuesday will be delivered.
2.How is the food handled during delivery?
Local delivery takes place in thermo boxes with inserted cooling mediums.
3.How much does delivery cost?
The price of delivery around Prague is included in the price of the food (delivery outside of Prague costs an extra 100 CZK).
4.What time will you deliver my food? Can I select a specific time of delivery?
Delivery takes place from 5:00 PM to 10 PM, and you can choose a time interval while ordering (e.g. from 5 PM to 10 PM) for the courier to delivery your food. We will contact you beforehand. You can change the delivery time the day before by telephone or via email at
5.I need to cancel days that I've already ordered and paid for – is that possible?
Yes, of course – let us know what days you need to cancel – we'll compensate for the days you've already paid for by delivering food on other days that you choose. Please notify us of the change at least 3 days in advance – after that, the order can't be changed for the given day.
6.Is it difficult to create or prolong an order with Clever Food?
Everything is very easy. Our managers will quickly help you create and prolong an order by telephone, via social networks or messengers. They'll also remind you when you need to prolong an order.
7. Payment
You can pay by bank transfer or in cash
1.How should I warm up the food?
Poke holes in the plastic wrap and warm the food up in a microwave. Heating times differ depending on the type of food and size of the portion. To warm the food up evenly, we recommend using a longer duration on a medium setting (600-700 W). Be careful while opening the plastic wrap – hot steam can be trapped in the box from heating.

You can also warm up your food with the plastic wrap removed or on a plate. However, it's important to note that the food may be drier after using this method. An alternative method for warming the food is in a water bath or an oven. However, the plastic packaging may melt or burn at heats higher than 90 °C.
2.How much time will I save with Clever Food?
You'll save time otherwise spent on preparing food, shopping, creating your own menus and counting calories, proteins, fats and carbs. All of this can add up to 17 hours per week.

We'll do all the work and you'll gain an extra 10 hours per week for all your new accomplishments.
3.When should I eat the meals?
Every day at the same time, in regular intervals of about 3 hours. You should have dinner 3 hours before going to sleep at the latest.
4.Will I have to go shopping and wash dishes with Clever Food?
Clever Food will free you from shopping and washing dishes for good. Our couriers deliver packages of balanced and diversified food to your doorstep.
5.What are your products' expiration dates?
Meal boxes should be stored in the refrigerator with exact temperature settings. We use the most modern technology of shock freezing with a hermetickou pájkou and temperature regulator, which ensures that the food's freshness is maintained for several days when stored in a refrigerator. We recommend adhering to the order of meals and not keeping food for longer than the recommended period to prevent it from spoiling.
6.Do I have to cook Clever Food after it's delivered?
All you need to do is put the meal box into the microwave for a couple of minutes and your lunch will be ready.
7.Can I eat Clever Food while I'm travelling or take lunches with me to work?
Our containers are hermetically sealed and compact. Lunch from Clever Food is simple to take with you and comfortable to eat, even if you're caught in a traffic jam.
8.Can I eat Clever Food without warming it up?
Everything depends on your taste preferences, but the food will be tastier and healthier if you warm it up first.
9.Are your meals good only for losing weight or can I eat them any time?
You can eat our meals any time! We offer healthy and balanced food. We'll be glad to help you select a program that suits you.
Leave all your food worries up to Clever Food!
The photographs of meals on our website are a variation of served containers. The appearance of the
containers may differ from photographs on the website.
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